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Are you in the search of the Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS that has a well-framed security auditing system? Press Security Services is certainly a preferred choice in Beirut, Lebanon. We have come to your aid as a prestigious security service provider that operates computerized centres to serve you with enhanced security. Our security teams are trained extensively to protect your premises, assets and personnel in all security situations. Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS. We serve flexibility in our services and change our strategies as per your security requirements. No matter what your security needs may be, we put in our best efforts and follow the best procedures to meet your security concerns in no time.

We have become a prominent name that comes to your mind while looking for worldwide Press Security Services. We make sure your search for efficient services and a passionate security team are over here. Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS. We know security is a major concern for journalists these days. Therefore, our sole intention is to keep our customers free from all the worries of security-related hazards. Press Security Services

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A resourceful multilingual Security professionals team with a successful background in close protection – training – coaching and escorting PRESS crews into risky zones for over 16 years operating in the middle east – Africa and North America, we utilize excellent interpersonal and liaison skills supported by the use of latest technology within the security industry to guarantee missions success. Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS. 


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Victor Khoury was an employee as a security Person to protect journalists in a dangerous zone. He accompanied me on two trips to Yemen and Iraq. The missions were perfect. He was amazing in security and organisation. Each detail was coherent and secure. Victor is recognised for his integrity, his professionalism and his nice personality. Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS. He has the potential to handle any security platform or organisation perfectly. I recommend highly his new platform PSS. It will be a plus in the digital world especially at these moments and for all people as journalists who are working in red zones.
Gisèle Khoury
Journalist and anchor Skynews Arabia.
For the period from 2018 to 2021, I worked with my colleague Victor Khoury in the hottest part of the world, the Iraqi arena. I learned from this experience how to avoid myself and the crew that commanded me to avoid danger and direct targeting of me and my crew, as it was the largest popular protest that Iraq witnessed in 2019, and I remember how Victor rushed to Provide me with protective shields and protective masks against tear gases so that we can cover one of the most dangerous popular protests in the region, and the coverage actually took place successfully and without injuries. Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS. I learned from Victor how the reporter develops his security plan and discusses it with the centre before every expected event I learned the importance of alternative means of communication I learned the importance of the closed circle of names that no one knows except the station and the reporter in case he is captured or subjected to an attempted kidnapping
Haider Al-Asadi
Sky News Arabia reporter Baghdad office
I worked with Victor from 2019-to 2020 at Sky News Arabia in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He was always professional, forward-looking and strategic. Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS. His thorough project management abilities made it easier to work with him.
Shaily Agrawal
HR Specialist
It was an absolute pleasure to engage Mr. Victor Khoury in his capacity as security advisor and trainer. His professional attitude made a huge difference in the outcome of operations and made me confident in the end results. It gave the people either attending his training or using him as an advisor in the field a sense of immediate trust and comfort as he always explored the best options with agility to change according to the environment on short notice. An absolute pleasure to work with and someone who holds my deepest recommendations.
Best regards
Mikael Balslev Rasmussen
Head of Global Security A.P. Moller - Maersk
Over the course of twenty-five years, during which I worked as a mobile journalist, from the written press to the television press, I received many training courses in various fields, foremost of which is covering wars and conflict areas. Top Best Press security services in Middle east | PSS. In fact, the training course I underwent with dear Victor was a distinguished course. Efficient and familiar with various aspects of his work. He is also a distinguished person on the human level, which gave the training course that he supervised a great deal of distinction.
Samir Omar
Sky News Arabia Cairo bureau chief


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